Ceramic Coating

We are accredited by Gtechniq to apply their professional level ceramic coating, Crystal Serum Ultra. We provide Gtechinq’s 5 and 9 year guarantees to our customers, and prioritize customer satisfaction.

On a basic level, ceramic coatings are made up of a liquid polymer. When we apply the polymer is to the paint on your vehicle, it provides long lasting protection from the elements. We us Getchniq products to protect your paint against acid rain, bird droppings, chemical etching, bug guts, dirt, tar and road grime.

The ceramic coating brings out extra gloss on your paint and makes cleaning your car a breeze. It provides excellent hydrophobic properties which makes the water roll right off the car instead of holding water and attracting higher volumes of dirt like an untreated car would. When treated, the coating makes the surface very slick, and allows dirt and grime to be easily washed away. The coating also protects against UV rays in order to prevent paint from fading and becoming dull.