Prepare For Summer To Maintain A Flawless Appearance All Season Long

Summer driving means your vehicle’s pristine exterior will be exposed to intense sunlight, freeway dust and debris, insect splatters, and more. Before you start cruising through this summer, it’s important to understand the opportunities to give your car’s paint and finish the proper protection. Here are the summer prep steps recommended for preserving your luxury vehicle’s flawless exterior.

Paint Correction

Throughout time, your vehicle’s paint can become marred with swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, and other defects from sun exposure. Paint correction services will eliminate these imperfections by carefully claying, compounding, and polishing the clear coat on your vehicle. This rejuvenates and brings out the glossy, smooth look of your luxury car’s original paint.

Ceramic Coating

After paint correction reveals the glossy clear coat, a ceramic coating or glass coating should be applied for maximum protection and hydrophobic properties. These liquid polymer coatings chemically bond to create a durable, high-gloss layer that resists water spots, UV damage, light scratches, and other wear and tear. Ceramic coatings make it easier to keep your vehicle clean and maintain that just-detailed look.

Paint Protection Film

For the ultimate defense against chips, scratches, and abrasions, paint protection film (also commonly called clear bra or clear mask) should be installed on vulnerable areas like the hood, fenders, mirrors, and front bumper. This is a clear polyurethane film that acts as a “second skin” to shield your vehicle’s paint from damaging road debris. High-quality films retain clarity for years. To best protect your investment, paint protection film is highly recommended.

Complete Interior and Exterior Detail

Of course, professional detailing of your luxury vehicle. This includes a thorough cleaning and decontamination of all exterior surfaces, followed by paint polishing, trim restoration, and tire dressing. The interior gets a meticulous vacuuming and deep cleaning of all surfaces, leather, and fabric.

By taking care of your luxury vehicle’s finish now, you’ll be able to enjoy your summer with peace of mind and keep it looking stunning for years to come. Proper preparation and protection is essential for preserving your investment and enjoying weekend drives without compromising your car’s appearance.